Tree Services Victoria BC

Victoria Tree Removal Services

Removing trees from our urban forest is not always our first choice. When considering a tree for removal it should be a last resort. Keeping our community green and growing should always be our main goal.

Tree removals can consist of many moving parts. When considering a tree for removal its important to consider all aspects of the tree.

– Where its located?

– Can it damage buildings or personal property during a storm?

– What kind of health is the tree in and has it been consistently declining?

– Has it recently been dropping branches or large chunks of wood?

– What is the largest risk to you?

Removing single or multiple trees can be done different ways to eliminate risk and damage to your property. Utilizing aerial lift devices and cranes can allow crews to work efficiently in removing hazardous or large trees. Our team is qualified in safe techniques to remove small and large trees over valuable items, next to homes or beside power lines. Climbing and felling using rigging ropes and arborist blocks assist the crews in lowering and raising sections of a tree to allow for zero damage when removing.

Tree removals can include but are not limited to any of the following;

– Single and Multi-steam removals

– Falling and lot Clearing

– Crane removal

– Hazard removal

– Removal within power line proximities