Tree Cable Bracing Victoria

Victoria Cable Bracing Services

Tree bracing is often a temporary solution to a growing problem that will need to be a dressed a later time. Bracing can be installed with either rod, eye or a cobra brace system to alleviate end weight and reduce the stress loaded on long or large limbs. Braces are used to assist a tree with its health and strength or to allow stems to move together as one in high wind areas. Braces can allow sections of a tree to move uniformly and decrease the stress loaded in certain areas of a canopy that would break out or cause damage with in its vicinity. Braces should never be installed improperly and  should be checked on a yearly basis if there is stretch or slack in a cable line. Braces can not be installed in all species of trees. When consider a cable install there are many factors to consider. Always ask a professional arborist for recommendations.