Do we offer discounts?

Yes, We offer Discounts up to 15% off our services.

  • 10% off – Millitary or Veteran with ID

  • 10% off – For members that work in Essential Servies with ID

  • 6% off – Referals and Repeat Customers

Do you buy the wood back after it has been cut?

It really depends on the volume and quantity of the wood that is to be cut or not cut.

The reason for this is because wood that results from a wood clearing job is different than wood for firewood. 

Please ask us when arranging the estimate.

Do you buy wood?

Yes, depending on volume.

A few things to consider, it takes us time to cut or buck the wood. This service may or may not be included when you request a quote from us. Loading the wood and unloading the wood will add time to the quote as well. These are some things to consider about the tree service you are requesting.

Do you sell firewood?


Do we provide stump removal?


 Yes, we can remove stump(‘s) of any size or location.

Does a client need to prepare anything before work starts on the site?
  1. Yes. Please remove small objects like potholes from pathways of travel or items of significance from areas of work.

  2. Please keep parking and access points clear for crews to move and work through. If other requirements are needed like fences opened or removed, we will notify you, the client.

  3. Please cover sprinklers or mark sprinkler heads with flagging tape.

  4. Please pick up dog poop and any animal litter from the area of work.

What can we (the client) expect when you arrive onsite?

Our Tree Service Crews will arrive on-site and prepare their gear or machinery before any work begins. During this time, you can also expect us to place Traffic-Cones or section off areas to work and park safely from other people or vehicles. We always perform a Walk-through of work that will be done with the site manager or client of the home before the work begins.

How long does firewood need to dry?

It really depends on the species of wood, but the cure time of live wood varies between 6-14 months. The location of where wood is stored, along with exposure to the sun and airflow, are all factors that influence the results of curing firewood.

Will it be Cheaper if you ask to leave the cut wood on site?

This really depends on the size of the wood. If the wood is bucked into firewood, it will require the same about of billable man-hours to load the wood off-site and transport the wood to another yard or location.

What does "CLEAN UP" include?

Clean up includes, but is not always limited to, the removal of brush and sawdust or tree debris. Overall, we do our best to generally leave the site cleaner than when we arrived.

Is the quote cheaper if I don't request the removal of the wood?


What areas do you service on Vancouver Island?

We provide all of our tree services in the following areas;

  • Greater Victoria Area
  • Westshore
  • Jordan River
  • Port Renfew
  • Sooke
  • Mill Bay
  • Shawnigan Lake
  • Ducan
  • Lake Cowichan
  • Cowichan Bay
  • Port Alberni
  • Sproat Lake
How do we provide lawn protection?

We do our best to protect your lawn and property overall.

To do this, you can expect us to use Plywood or Tarps to be laid out to protect the lawn from foot traffic and heavy objects.

Ho do we structure our billing for services?

We ‘bill’ generally by the size of the job. But if you were to ask what our hourly rate is; then we charge $225/hr or full-day jobs start at $1800.00 and goes up from there. Crew and Machinery is included in the above.

Here is a breakdown of our billing structure for most Tree Work.


• Hourly Rate  – $ 225 / HR

• Day Rate – $ 1800 / HR -(Includes  7.5 Hrs of work with a Lunch Break)

• Machine and Operator Hourly Rate – $ 105 / HR (Includes Machine and Skid Operator)


• $ 85 / HR For 35G Mini EX with Operator

• $ 95 / HR For 50G EX

• $ 105 / HR For 75G EX