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We can handle all of your tree service needs. We can work as general arborist contractors, sub-contracted arborists, or as an additional member of your parks landscape & arborist management team.

Langford Brothers Arborist
Cole Langford Arborist


My name is Cole Langford and I am an owner and operator of Langford Brothers Arb. I’ve been in the tree industry for five years working with a few different companies. I spent the majority of my time with a large international company where I learned the more technical areas of tree removal. I worked with many arborists across BC learning different styles that rounded my skills and techniques to help form the climber I am today.

Being an arborist is one of the coolest jobs, weather your outside enjoying the weather or physical aspect of the job. Conquering hard and challenging removals can be one of the more satisfying parts of the job, but at the end of the day being able to make a difference in peoples lives is what really counts, weather its making someones yard safe again by removing hazards or opening up views and light into the yard to brighten a house.

I always make it my goal to provide a safe and efficient service that will produce and maintain a healthy and safe Urban Forest for our future.

Thank you for choosing Langford Brothers Arb and supporting our Local company!

Cole L. Langford